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Hi TulliaHere are two photos of Mohammad before he had his Gastric Sleeve Surgery at the Hospital in Le Havre France in November 2012.”Since having the Sleeve Surgery we have been away on holidays to Pakistan and Mohammad is doing very well.

Everyone we met was surprised to see him because he looks so young and fresh.

At first he did not tell anyone what his secret was, just to enjoy that his friends were curious about his weight loss.”

Gastric sleeve surgery in france testimonial Mohammad Before Surgery in Nov 2012


“After a few days Mohammad eventually told his friends about his gastric sleeve surgery and how good you were at your work, so now you are famous in Pakistan as well.””Here are three of the latest photo updates for Mohammads weight loss, as you can see he has lost quite a lot of weight now in March 2013 after just 3 Months””He is now 114Kg and he has already lost an amazing 42 kg”

“Now Mohahmmad is loosing gradually and is very happy.

Mohammad wishes to say thanks to the surgeon, the medical team at the Hospital in Le Havre, and especially to you Tullia for looking after him so well.”

Gastric Sleeve Surgery After pictures Mohammad After pictures Mohammad After pictures

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