Rossendale Painters
Your Local Professional Painter and Decorator

This is a demo website by Geoff Lord of Habazar Internet Marketing Based in Haslingden for the sole purpose of demonstating our expertise at local marketing for clients Worldwide

We are based in Haslingden and are your local specialist in getting your products and services seen by your local community clients.

This website is a very basic draft website and not a final production, and it was designed just for you Nick of Rossendale Painters to introduce our services to you. Please watch the demonstration video below which I have produced to further demonstrate our sister service of Eye2Eye-Marketing Video Creations which specialises in creating short video advertorials to prmote local businesses just like yours.

A Specially prepared video made to promote your services in the Rossendale Area.

We will build a special website customised to your requirement with images and videos promoting your work and services in Rossendale. We can guarantee you first page listings on google search for all the relevent keywords so that anyone looking for a painter and decorator in Rossendale will find your website immediately. We will also cross promote your facebook page and other assets to give you the widest possible reach throughout Rossendale.

You can contact me: Geoff Lord, on 07787 523 916

I look forward to hearing from you.